In Gray’s Recovery House our team is providing with a great quality service and the opportunity for each gues to live a unique experience tailored to their individual need, through our treatments and therapies, in a specilly created environment designed for recovery of the natural balance of our original being, within an integral conception of health, well-being and rest

Our mission

Is to improve the post-operative experience of women recovering from cosmetic/plastic surgery through a client-centered, holistic approach to specialized care. Our goal is to make our guests feel most comfortable about the choices they have made and see them through their journey.

Our concierge services provide patrons with high level amenities and provide tranquil, confidential after surgery care.

Our vision

Is to have a relaxing atmosphere and in the same way creating opportunities to enrich your lifestyle. Our commitment to continue education allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of knowledge and professionalism.


Transportation and Concierge Services

Specialized care for the post-operative patient such as drain care, wound care and dressing changes

Assistance with self-administered medicine

Chef Prepared 3 Daily Meals/Snacks, inclusive of Healthy Alternatives

Monitoring post-operative complications

24 Hour Personal Care Team to provide assistance such as personal hygiene, showering, dressing, feeding