Is one of the more commonly requested procedures that patients request. Body sculpting through liposuction can result in an improvement in the appearance and contour of your body. Many people report a boost in self-esteem after undergoing liposuction. One of the common misconceptions about liposuction, however, is that you can return to the same old habits which led to your decision to have liposuction in the first place. On the contrary, maintaining results after liposuction requires adopting certain lifestyle modifications.

People commonly ask if there is any special diet they need to be on after having liposuction. As a general rule, a proper and balanced diet will prevent a lot of the weight gain that occurs with unhealthy eating habits. In order to maintain good results after liposuction, you should incorporate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein into your diet, while reducing the intake of sugars, simple carbohydrates, and saturated fats. Eating several smaller meals throughout the day will help maintain your energy levels and keep you from feeling deprived between meals. Frequent hydration is also important. Drinking a sufficient amount of water during the day helps control hunger, maintains a healthy metabolism, and aids in digestion.

Although liposuction can dramatically improve the contours of your body, it is not magic. You can still gain weight after liposuction if you return to your old, unhealthy eating habits. It is an invasive procedure that costs time and money. Protect your investment in yourself and start making lifestyle changes before your procedure. By incorporating healthy eating habits and choosing a healthy lifestyle, you’ll enjoy your new contours for a long time.

How long is the recovery after a Lipo-Abdominoplasty?

The recovery after a Lipo-Abdominoplasty is approximately 1-2 weeks until you resume regular activities, two weeks before you can do light exercise like walking,  jogging at 4 weeks and return to all activities including heavy exercise at 6 weeks.  You will see an immediate result but the final results take a few months to be visible until all of the swelling has resolved. Numbmenss of the treatment areas take a couple of months to resolve. While you will begin to enjoy the early benefits of the procedure immediately, your enjoyment of your new figure will only increase with time as you see the dramatic changes that are possible.

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